Me Before You

Title: Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Favourite Character: Not her
Quote: “I should have listened to my father. ‘Want to know the true definition of the triumph of hope over experience?’ he would say. ‘Plan a fun family day out.’ ”

In a Nut Shell:


I loved the book. It is easy to read. It took me all but two days to finish it. It is moving and it is real. Sadness sprinkled with hope.

But I guess what kept me thinking about this book, long after the last page, was how scary both realities were – his and hers – and how easy is to become “trapped” in real life. Limits can come in all sort of different forms: a wheelchair – the most obvious one and very well described in this book -, fears, anger. We can become paralyzed when we stick ourselves into a predefined box, when we let an experience define us, when we don’t let go of anger or resentment, when we decide that we need to pretend to survive…

My advice? Don’t read too much about this book before hand. Just get it and dive in.

About ClaudiaM

Argentinean living in Canada. Loves books and the West Coast. I would travel anywhere though. Unless there is a war going on. Or a major nature disaster. Or if there is not Internet.
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2 Responses to Me Before You

  1. Loved this book as well! Is there a way that I can ‘follow’ your blog and be notified when you do a new post? I didn’t see that on there.

  2. ClaudiaM says:

    I just added the “Follow Your Cravings” button.Thanks for letting me know Elle. I always check your blog for inspiration!

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